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While reflecting on my work intense feelings of love and hate simultaneously alternate. Yet this comes as no surprise since these emotions always formed the main incentive in my work. It must arise in a spontaneous way to cause satisfaction. Therefore I tend to jump to the conclusion of creating as an essential part of life and mainly functioning as an escapism from the usual routine of natural order.

My work demonstrates a complicated psychoanalysis of urges, desires, and fears. I tend to play with the boundaries between perception and reality. Resulting in an elementary, addictive and sometimes self-destructive artistic process. Some sort of subconscious perception on creating an alternative reality, driven by the irrational aspects of human thinking: fear, violence, religion, eroticism and death. This perception arises into an urge of exploring different identities and questioning role patterns through a scabrous simulation of attracting and repelling. 

Beside my drawings, which are my main occupation, I also write music and make video work. All these things have a common breeding ground and pollinate each other. They each evolve on their own but reinforce each other when exposed in installations including sound, image and smell. These combinations of mixed-media are often enveloped in a veil of ambiguity and urges in conflict with their surroundings.

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